Since its foundation in 1980, the focus of our original brand has been on German-speaking Switzerland and Germany. The vision has always been to supply the dental industry with high-quality and durable rotary instruments and to generate added value for end customers and trade partners. We were able to successively expand our distribution network and now supply rotatec products throughout Europe. rotatec is characterized by excellent quality and their fast delivery times. Your complete order will be ready for shipment in 48h at the latest. We offer EU wide dropshipping or direct delivery to the end customer, depot, dealer or agent.


International exports and major customers were outsourced to the British brand Dental Equipment Manufacturer in the past. D.E.M. supplied our products to various countries worldwide since 2015. However, due to increasing regulatory requirements and certification costs, these business activities were reincorporated directly into rotatec in 2022.

The product portfolio is based on the international trends in the industry and offers a price alternative to rotatec. D.E.M products are produced to order and are therefore ideally suited for key accounts and export business.

  • Ready for delivery within 48h
  • No warehousing costs for companies
  • Swiss peak quality
  • Never out of stock
  • Ideal for your drop shipping or cross selling solution

  • Order-based production
  • Attractive pricing
  • International portfolio
  • Ideal for Large- and Export Customers

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