Cutting Discs

Peak Quality

As an ISO 13485 certified company, quality is our top priority. All our products are CE certified and comply with the latest international standards. Since its foundation in 1980, rotatec has stood for quality and service „made in Switzerland“. We use only the highest quality raw materials and technologies to manufacture our products.

Rotary Instruments for dentists

Wir bieten eine breite Produktpalette an rotierenden Instrumenten für die täglichen Anwendung in Zahnpraxen, -kliniken und Spitälern an. Unser Portfolio besteht aus den 3 Hauptgruppen Diamant Instrumente, Hartmetall Instrumente und Polier Instrumenten und deckt ein breites Anwendungsspektrum vom chirurgischen Eingriff bis hin zur Prophylaxe.

Rotary Instruments for dental technicians

Wir bieten eine breite Produktpalette an rotierenden Instrumenten für die tägliche Anwendung in Zahntechnischen Laboren für technische Fachkräfte und Fräsmaschine. Unser Portfolio ist anwendungsspezifisch aufgebaut und besteht aus den 5 Hauptgruppen Trennscheiben, Keramische Schleifer, Diamanten, Hartmetall und Polierer.


Diamond Instruments


For the production of our diamond instruments we use only the highest quality raw materials. We rely on stainless steel and natural diamond grit. Rotatec diamonds are characterised by a multilayer coating, which guarantees a high diamond density on the working part.

Tungsten Carbide Instruments


Our carbide instruments are made from high-quality sintered cobalt tungsten carbide. We use the finest possible carbide grit to ensure precise geometric shapes and aggressive cutting edges.

Polishing Instruments


The focus of our polishing systems lies in the combination of different abrasives and bonds for the production of material-specific solutions. Rotatec polishing instruments are made of high-quality natural rubber and diamond grit. We offer the right polishing system for every material to achieve high gloss results.

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